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Together, we're creating a new economy

Oken is the best way to embrace the tokenized economy



Any kind of asset can be tokenized.


Any kind of asset can be tokenized on Oken technology.

We provide the core technology for the tokenized economy, from blockchain abstraction to internal wallet, audited smart contracts, tokenomics, DeFi integration, and DREX integration.

Know more about our use cases.

Carbon credits tokenization: the most important carbon credit tokenization project based on Amazon forest assets. The first Latam token thaat has been list on global exchange Coinbase and Gemini

Real estate tokenization: the most advanced real estate tokenization in Brazil use Oken as the core technology to provide the best in class of the industry.


For investors: Investing in a startup is a great way to diversify your investment. In addition to the potencial financial result, the Oken Finance platform provides the secondary market and liquidity for those equity tokens. Be part of this!

For originators: Oken Finance whitelabel allows you to launch your own marketplace for your offers and assets based on equity token, connecting startups and investors to accelerate the tokenized economy


Financial market is moving to tokenization. Regulators are running fast to provide the legal background that allows any originator to move their assets to a tokenized economy, and investor to access a global market based on tokens.


Our tokenization framework is based on our whitelabel solution and our own credit pool for specifics industries. 

Oken is our technology that allows the tokenization of any assets.


It can be real world financial assets such as bonds, real estate, credit, debt, or ay other class of financial assets.

It can also be other class of assets, like carbon credits, utility tokens for a specific business, or asset that represents any kind of ownership and value.

Oken Finance has Oken technology as the core our blockchain implementation.

With advanced features, Oken is the easieest way to accelerate the adoption of a web3 strategy to explore the best of the tokenized economy. 

Oken Technology


Oken in Numbers


Years of experience in web3 solutions


Wallets and real estate tokens


In carbon credits tokens transaction in global exchanges


Equity crowdfunding in blockchain; Token Latam listed on Coinbase; Full whitelabel NFT platform with blockchain abstraction

Our Industry Partners

Become a partner if you are a fintech or a credit operator


Create your own digital asset and tokenize it on Oken Finance


Distribute across web3 investors and operate in a full digital asset platform


For originators

For investors

Become an investors on Oken Finance and mastering web3 alternative assets

  • A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distribute accross the network of computer systems on the internet. Blockchain is a term that has been widely used when referring to a new web3 technological infrastructure (a new phase of the internet) whose main characteristics are: decentralization, secure and transparent, desintermediation. This technology allowed the creation of Bitcoin in 2008, and has been now used as the key element of the tokenized economy, which is the full digitalization of any asset and aspect of our economy.

  • Tokens are a key primitive used in blockchain applications. Tokens can be used to represent anything, for example, they can represent a store of value, digital or real-world asset such as property, art, goods on a supply chain and securities. There are no limits to what can be represent as a token.

  • A blockchain wallet is a digital wallet that users can use to stora and manage digital assets and cryptocurrencies. A blockchain wallet allows users to transfer and manage their digital assets and digital currencies, it 's also the way users can convert back their digital assets into user's local currency.

  • Real-world assets, also called RWAs, are tokens that represents certain physical assets. It can be as property, objects, bonds or others. Just like other tokens, these function on the blockchain through smart contracts, an one token can amount to a whole objects as well its part.

  • Our platform is compatible with all networks compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) standard, which includes networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Celo, Polkadot, and manu others.

  • We support payments through PIX, Credit Card and Cryptocurrencies (USDC, BRLA)

  • With Oken Finance, access to the web3 world is simple. Our solutions is design to managing all complexity of the blockchain for you, without requiring to understand how it works or without a external wallet to manage your digital assets. Nevertheless, more advanced users can connect their wallets like Metamask and use their cryptocurrencies if they wish.

  • Whitelabel is a platform that your company can customize to launh your own marketplace on blockchain, without any development effort. It the easiest way to embrace web3 strategy for you company and launh your own digital assets to explor the market opportunity.


Equity token that represents a share of a company or startup. It's a high risk and lower liquidity investment, in general.

Offer #1

Fixed income securities that represent financial gains on real asset, such as debt securities, credit operations, anticipation of receivables.

Offer #2

Equity token that represents a share of a company or startup. It's a high risk and lower liquidity investment, in general.

Offer #3

Active offers

Easy onboarding process, KYC & AML

Offer information and Investors’ forums

Primary & Secondary market


Issuer whitelabel platform

to escrow account


Internal/External Wallets

(eg. Metamask)

CVM88 compliant

Transparency reports

De-Fi integration

Tokenization framework

Own Credit Pools

White Label solutions


Our Story

We're a leading blockchain solutions company in Brazil, developing cutting edge technology since 2017. We have been pionners in the context of web3, providing tokenization platform for financial assets, real work asset (RWA) and non regulated asset, providing services and technology to allow companies do move into the new economy.

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